About the author for “Challenges to God"

Philosopher Lynne Renoir questions the traditional view of God as an all powerful being who created the universe and governs it according to his will. She argues that such an idea can be challenged philosophically, and that it does not accord with discoveries in modern science. On the other hand, she suggests, it is evident that experiences of transformation can occur in the lives of individuals who wholeheartedly embrace religious beliefs. Her book explores possible explanations for this situation by proposing that truth is found in the inner dimensions of a person's being, and is not something that can be imposed from an external source. Renoir's work was the result of her own difficulties in experiencing the transformation she sought through her Christian faith, and followed years of research undertaken in the areas of philosophy, science, and psychology.

About the author for “The Preacher’s Daughter”

Anne Lewis was born into a family where the Bible was the central focus. Her father disciplined her severely. She was not allowed to make mistakes or to challenge his opinions. Mr. Lewis saw such behaviour as the work of Satan. He believed his duty to God was to belt the devil out of his daughter. As an obedient wife, Mrs. Lewis supported her husband's cruelty. She never attempted to protect her child. When the beatings continued into Anne's twenties, she left home and discovered a life where she was admired. No more would she suffer the pain of being treated as an evil and rebellious sinner.

About the author for the thesis on the abuse of men

Anne Lewis suffered physical abuse at the hands of her judgmental father. The pain she endured led her to investigate how other abused people suffer particularly men in their relationships with destructive women. In her Master's thesis Anne interviewed men from Australia and New Zealand. They told her about severe physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Anne formed the view that men as a whole have been disempowered. She points to the fact that society sees only women as victims of abuse, with men inevitably portrayed as perpetrators. Her call is for governmental authorities to recognise the plight of men in abusive relationships and to take action to remedy the wrong that has been done to them.